Izakaya Den

Bar, Tables, Stools, Serving Boards &
Salt & Pepper Grinders

114 Russell Street

Simon Denton, approached long time friend Orio and the team at Arteveneta to work with Kai Katayama of architect firm Denton Corker and Marshall, to create an ‘Izakaya’, Japanese ‘pub’ style dining.

The brief for the subterranean space was to be minimal and have texture. Somewhat of an unfinished ‘building site’ aspect, creating an organic tangible room.

Kai drew on his native Japan for inspiration on timber finishes, in his research he came across an age old technique of charring the outside of timber, creating a black appearance when oiled. This makes the timber highly resistant to weather and most suitable for outdoor conditions.

It was a general consensus with all involved that this hard wearing finish would be ideal for the bar and table tops.

Not daunted by the task, we set about researching which timber would give the best result and after burning many kinds of timbers, our local Vic Ash was a clear winner, giving a beautiful texture and colour.

Two 11.5m bar tops make up the main length of the room and immobile bench seating creates ‘Izakaya’ style bar dining.

All the surfaces were finished with natural boiled linseed oil for a synthetic free surface.

Izakaya Den rates as one of our finest restaurant fit outs. Again, a very sexy restaurant.

Designers: DCM & Kei Kitayama
Client: Simon Denton
Builders: Liquid Lines
Completed: October 2009