Products manufactured by Arteveneta Pty Ltd are covered by a 1 year warranty which gives protection against defects or faults in the manufacture of the product. It is limited to the manufacture of the product and does not include installation or the timber that it is made from.

Timber being a natural product, is still living and breathing and can be affected by its environment. It is susceptible to expansion and contraction which can cause splitting and cracking. Arteveneta takes no liability for this occurrence and therefore splitting and cracking is not covered under warranty.

*Liability is void under the guarantee for the following

  • Excessive heat
  • Excessive moisture
  • Excessive direct sunlight
  • Damage caused by faulty design and or construction of the premises, in which the product lies
  • Malicious or willful damage
  • Chips marks, scratches and general wear & tear
  • Repairs or service done by an unauthorized person
  • Designs created by anyone other than Arteveneta
  • Any cracks, splits or fissures arising from inappropriate movement of the product
  • Timber boards must not be put through a dishwasher of any kind
  • Timber boards must not be exposed to excessive heat
  • Timber boards must not be left to soak in water

**Any repairs required due to any non-warranty items will incur costs, the purchaser will be liable for this costs.

This guarantee shall terminate 1 year from the date of purchase and shall not be extended if repairs are carried out under this guarantee or otherwise.

All warranty claims must be made in writing. If inspection and testing finds no fault the purchaser must pay the manufacturer’s usual costs of service, inspection and evaluation work.