Market Lane

Custom-built bars, tables, stools & serving boards.

Prahran Market, Prahran
Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD
Thierry Street, Melbourne CBD
Faraday Street, Carlton

Arteveneta’s relationship with Market Lane spans quite a few years and four distinct fit outs. The original Market Lane designed by Claire Larritt Evans for Fleur Studd, took inspiration from very organic and natural materials including a cast concrete work top to environmentally friendly reclaimed timber surfaces, tables and fixtures. The feel is warm and rustic with an emphasis on producing Melbourne’s best coffee.

Thierry St Market Lane is partly  “pop up’, which meant that all fixtures and fittings have been designed in a mobile manner and due to it’s modular feature able to be re-configured into another space with ease. Recycled hardwood and form ply the main materials used.

Faraday St Market Lane again partly ‘pop up’ in nature, also meant creating fixtures and fittings in the same manner as Thierry St. The design by Sarah Trotter saw a new direction for Market Lane with new ‘cleaner’ lines created with the use of blond American Oak. Moving away from recycled timber creating a more refined and distinct look. The main Workstation doubling as coffee merchandising and display area.

Queen Victoria Market, Market Lane again designed by Sarah has kept the new direction of the more refined look for the QVM store. With yet more lighter colours also contrasted by black cabinetry and the addition of nickel accents  providing a timeless feel and tying in extremely well with the antique nickel window frames of the original part of the QVM.

Designers: Claire Larritt Evans
Client: Fleur Studd
Completed: 2009-14